What lights me up?


I have been reading the wonderful book by Rebecca Campbell ‘light is the new black’. It is wonderful, inspiring and the words jumped off the page at me. It’s like reading my own mind. But something is holding me back, I know what I need but I haven’t been able to motivate myself.

The book asks a simple question, what lights you up? Put another way, what makes you smile or happy? I drew a blank, I don’t know . My problem is I over analyse to the point of paralysis. What makes me happy? Winning the lottery, a pair of laboutin heels (I wish), a trip around the world…

I have not posted for two years and I’m pondering the same issues.

Now is the time for change.

What lights me up? Flowers. The smell, the feel. The look. Arranging them. Thank you Rebecca for uncovering this in me. Flowers are beautiful. They make me smile, they heal.

What else makes me smile?