Day 23: Pancakes!!


Woo hoo it’s pancake today in the uk so for dinner I am having pancakes, banana and maple syrup mmmmmmm. I have noticed a definate theme through these posts and it’s linked to food. I love food. I think about what I’m going to eat in the night when I wake up and I plan my weekend in terms of what treat food I will have! I consider myself slim but I can easily gain weight and with my reluctance to exercise… This is an unfortunate series of coincidences.

Any way the cold is still lingering and I feel really rough. My nose is still red and my throat is sore.

But I feel rather happy.

I am greatful for pancakes being made for me

I am greatful for achieveing a lot in work in terms of dealing with out of date work

I am greatful for having a laugh at lunch with my colleagues

I am greatful for being alive and grounded

I am greatful for an open heart and joy

Light and love
Marni šŸ™‚


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