Day 26: beauty


This is Thalia, the muse of comedy. I would like to meet her in meditation. Aparently I learnt today you can call in specific guides to help with specific tasks. I will keep you posted.

The sky today was so blue, the temperature is warm and the light has a beautiful quality to it. Days like these are my favourite. Today I did some challenging work that I have not yet finished. I felt a bit overwhelmed and negative towards it and I think this relates to memorys of completing assignments. Bad times! But then I met a very spiritual wise kind woman I know for a coffee and I came away elated. I put the music up loud opened the windows and sang along in my car. Brilliant I felt alive.

Today I feel greatful for knowing the friend I met today.

I am greatful for yummy lattes.

I am greatful for warm sunshine and a clear blue sky

I am greatful for people reading and liking my blog

I am greatful for the feelings of pure joy and contentness

I am greatful for literature

Light and love

Marni 🙂


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