Day 30: the finishing line


Well it’s been thirty days of gratitude. How do I feel? Do I feel more abundant? Well I do feel calm and happy and I am looking on the positive side of life more. I realise this isn’t just for thirty days, it’s forever as positivity and gratitude is the key to making lasting changes in life. I have been feeling a bit low and that was primarily due to my health. I am starting to feel better and I feel happy and excited about life!!

What holds me back is my entrenched poverty conciousness which probably stems from a past life and my childhood where money was tight. My next lesson is huna prayers which I will begin on the weekend. I hope to finally get rid of this negative belief and practice manifesting abubdance!! I will continue to practice daily gratitude at night before bed.

Today I am greatful for my warm, safe home

I am greatful for my lovely green garden

I am greatful for my meditation room

I am greatful for bin men!

I am greatful for telephone technology

I am greatful for being greatful

Light and love

Marni šŸ™‚


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