Manifesting a new reality: The Bank of Infinity


Hello everyone
I have been quiet for a while. I have been thinking, trying to meditate but most importantly I have been trying to live and love more in daily life.

I have had success. I am becoming much more positive and optimistic. I enjoy my job and I get less stressed. Yet I realise more and more that the poverty conciousness is holding me back.

I need to allow wealth into my life. I am consciously going to do this using a wonderful book called ‘Ask and it is Given’ by Ester and Jerry Hicks. This is based on the chanellings by Araham. It is the most accessible and loving book I have read.

Today I am starting lesson 19 and lesson 5; erasing my poverty conciousness and allowing!

I have created a spread sheet to lovingly pay my bills and double some payments (Energetically) to allow more in. I fear money and fear lack. My hard was pounding and my jaw was tense. I believe I am unworthy. I am not. I now conciouslly allow goodness and abundance into my life. I deliberately change my beliefs.

I have created the bank of infinity and spent money joyously and lovingly in an exciting way and I will continue to allow! Today I deposited £1000 and spent it all! On a ferry trip, makeup and a spa day for two. Wonderful. Tomorrow I will spend double. And so on.

I create!
I am abundant!

Beauty, joy and love is all around me and you to be allowed. Wake up from the slumber.

Thanks all


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