Day 25: on the up :)


Diana Cooper Ascension Cards.

I am happy to report I am slowly but surely starting to feel better. I heard from a friend today that when there are issues with the throat it can represent something that is not being said. What am I burying? What I am denying myself? It may be my lack of confidence in my work and creative abilities that can stifle me but I’m no sure. I will have to meditate on it, when I get around to it!

Archangel metatron is making himself known to me. When ever I heard people say such things before I imagined an angel knocking on the front door ready for a chat. I now realise it is more subtle than that. I have had his card come up in two different card sets one after another and I met him in a meditation (by his name popping in my head). I lack faith and I doubt, doubt, doubt. I need to accept this sign an act on it. Does anyone one else struggle to validate signs??

So what’s does it mean. I think it means a step forward spiritually. I think. I’m not sure! My uncertainty and humility can be too negative. I need to be positive in all that I say, think and do. But I get worried it’s my ego when I feel I’m progressing spirtually. A little voice says ‘your not good enough or your making it all up!

Today I am greatful for restful sleep

I am greatful for squirrels

I am greatful for charity shops

I am greatful for humour and laughter

I am greatful for archangel metatron

Light and love

Marni 🙂